It's time for a dramatic

change in how we lead...

Business and Executive Leadership Coaching

It's time to simplify leadership in business. It's time to put the human experience at the core of business and create workplaces where people feel valued, with a sense of belonging - where wellbeing, high performance, consistent profit and impactful results happen every day!

My GENIUS Leadership® Philosophy allows this to happen.

I'm Mary Ann Smith the founder of GENIUS Leadership®

I'm an accomplished Executive Leadership Coach, with over 30 years experience in coaching corporate and SME clients.

In that time I have worked over 5 continents globally.  My mission is to radically transform how we design and deliver business by creating purpose driven GENIUS leaders.

Leaders who deeply understand the value of the human experience and put their employees first!

As well as an Executive Leadership Coach, I'm a Non-Executive Director, Clinical Therapist and Business consultant. I work with CEO's of multi-million pound companies,  entrepreneurs, corporates and business owners globally, to help them to lead from a place of inclusion and diversity to allow them to impact systemic, impactful change in their organisations.

It's time for a change in how we lead in business and to support this I founded my

GENIUS Leadership® Philosophy.

The demand for GENIUS Leadership expertise has never been greater

My GENIUS Leadership® philosophy, allows for positive, inclusive change within companies and organisations

A change to harness innovation, encourage high performance and allow for a diverse and inclusive culture within your company.

Create a workplace where everyone wants to achieve, contribute, evolve and stay!

Who I've worked with...

"My Genius Leadership Philosophy will inspire you as a leader, to unleash your full potential, taking your team and organisation to the next level."

Introducing my GENIUS Leadership® Philosophy

My GENIUS Leadership® Philosophy is designed to support all high achieving leaders to step up to discover new levels to create dramatic impact in your work and in life. The philosophy underpins my 1-2-1 coaching, my leadership programs, my workshops and keynote presentations and allows for...

Purpose driven, inclusive and diverse workplaces

Increased profitability and lower staff turnover

Creative strategies and solutions to increase employee performance

Excelling team performance to develop talent in supportive way

Reduced stress and mental anguish, therefore reducing absenteeism

Executive Coaching

My Executive Coaching Programs are always bespoke to each individual and team within an organisation/business and have a clear focus on outcomes and ROI. Depending on your needs they may also be contracted to include alignment sessions with line managers and/or HR Business Partners

"Mary Ann supports leaders to step up and lead with authenticity and influence, to inspire and thrive in any complex, uncertain environments."

Tailored 1:1 Coaching

A tailored leadership coaching program for Senior Managers, Executives, C-Suite professionals and Board Members. This is for you if you are stepping into a new senior role, making big changes in your career or supporting leadership transition after an organisational change.

During the program we will get clear on what you want to achieve and what success for you and your organisation through coaching will look like and apply all of the GENIUS Leadership elements along with other tools, strategies and approaches that will create a bespoke experience and impact that you need to move forward.

"I will challenge you. I will support you. I will tell you the truth. I coach with experience and compassion as I am deeply committed to your success."

"Working with Mary Ann this past year has been a game changer for me. It has been grounding. It has been inspiring. It has been enlightening. It has been growth. Her approach is supportive, focused, encouraging, wildly knowledgeable. It takes you to new levels that you have no idea that you are capable of!"

Construction CEO

Client Testimonials

It has been enlightening, it has been inspiring and it has meant growth!

Daisy Chillingworth - Daisy Chain

Fiona Brennan - Project Management Consultant / Success Coach

Working with Mary Ann this past year has been a game changer for me. It has been grounding. It has been inspiring. It has been enlightening. It has been growth!
Firstly, as a business owner, when you decide to invest in yourself and in turn your business, it has to feel right. The connection has to be there before you start otherwise it is just too hard and does not work. From the start I knew we are aligned - Mary Ann's spirit is also mine. Wow. But apart from that her coaching is supportive, focused, encouraging, wildly knowledgeable, and so much loving.

If you are looking to take yourself and your business to the next level - that level you do not even know you are capable of yet, I highly recommend a conversation with Mary Ann - because if you feel it, then just do it!

Such clarity in such a short period of time - I have such a clear business map now!

Zeynep Orf - Psychologist

I worked with Mary Ann for 3 months and I cannot describe the clarity I have gained in such a relatively short period of time. I loved what I was doing but the critical part was missing in my business, which is a tangible plan. I now know what do I need to do, what are the steps to take and I have my map with me so my business is stronger than ever. I may have difficult days, I may get tired but as long as I keep following the steps Mary Ann helped me to find and construct, my business will always get better, to be honest it already is, better than ever.

I am looking forward to working with her again in the future when I go higher and possibly need more of her expertise.

Working with Mary Ann
has completely turned my business around!

Stella Macharia - Structural Engineer

Working with Mary Ann surpassed all my expectations. Within the first 1 hour of chatting with her she helped me see something I had been blind to for so long, I had forgotten I know it. I worked with Mary Ann for 3 months during the first lockdown and this completely turned me and my business around. Her coaching lit a fire inside me that has kept me passionate about my business and why I started it. I think that is what coaching is about; inspiring you so that you drive yourself to higher heights. Mary Ann is amazing at what she does and I highly highly recommend her.

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