Deep connection – what does this mean

Posted in   Business learnings   on  August 8, 2022 by  maryannsmith0

Deep connection – what does that mean to you?

It’s one of the most common desires that my coaching clients express wanting more of in their life. I say that but the reality is that in the beginning they don’t use those exact words.

Instead, they share the pain of feeling isolated, lonely, shame, guilt, anxiety, stress…do these resonate?

As human beings we are all born with a deep need for high quality connection in order to flourish… When this is challenged in our fast-paced world we experience these negative emotions, most of the time not understanding their root cause!

So, what can we do to move into a more positive, empowered and deeply connected place?

Firstly, we must stop looking outward for the answer and instead a strong connection with ourselves so that we understand our worth and value. This empowers us to stop trying to show up in life in ways that will please and meet the expectation of others as living in this false persona only brings a huge emotional sacrifice. Instead, we can be confident to let our unique and true self shine and be heard in any setting.

The world around us is chaotic and this connectivity to self allows us to approach people for genuine connection and not just validation of our value or worth. We find ourselves able to be completely open to listening as passionately as we want to be heard. To be able to hold difference with a curiosity to understand. Deeply connected, reciprocal relationships suddenly are abundant in our lives!

Check in today on how you are feeling during your interactions with others. What is your body telling you? Are you in a good place? If not, step away and take a moment to consider what you need to BE in a good place. If you can be in a place of valuing and loving self, then you will do better.


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