Don’t just jump and leave your job!

Posted in   Corporate   on  August 9, 2022 by  maryannsmith0

I don’t recommend that you jump and leave your job! Here’s why…

This week the big message is ‘Don’t Quit Your Job..YET!!’ The big resignation has seen so many exit organisations in a bid for a more purposeful and fulfilling life but the grass won’t necessarily be greener on the other side!

I may have quit my corporate job a few years ago now by JUMPING however I didn’t start my company, We Achieve Associates, to help others in my position to do the same when considering leaving their job! This is often the biggest decision of your leadership life and potentially the greatest challenge you will face if you JUMP! I learned the hard way just what it takes for any move to be an informed, joyful decision and not an emotional reaction you may regret!

I have lost count of how many times people reach out asking ‘how did you do it?’ as they feel stuck and desperately want an easy solution, to feelings of being ‘lost in their work’ and an overwhelming fear of not being able to make a living if they ‘JUMP’ to what looks like the greener entrepreneurial grass on the other side of the corporate rainbow.

This workforce disruption is only set to continue if the Gallup’s global workplace report for 2022 is any indication, showing that only 9% of workers in the UK are engaged or enthusiastic about their work. This ranks the UK 33rd out of 38 European countries.

A recent article in The Guardian also describes how what is being called ‘Quiet Quitting’ is increasing in workforces globally and is directly correlated to a reduction in staff satisfaction at work. It sees staff rejecting the pre pandemic ‘hustle cultures’ which demanded above and beyond performance and replacing it with a ‘do just enough’

It is clear that disruption in our workforce is rising with adverse personal and organisational impact but my big message to you today is DON’T JUMP….at least until you really understand why you are feeling like this!

I jumped from my job believing it was the reason I was feeling disengaged, burnt-out and dis-satisfied with my life and work, only to find exactly the same experience as the leader of my own business! I realised too late that it happened, not because of my job, but because I had never been supported in my life to understand what a satisfying and purpose driven life would look like for ME. I had never been supported to discover my USP in this world and how to unleash it into the world to live the dreams inside me and create the balanced life I so longed for. I was following the beliefs and needs of others and didnt know it.

This is all particularly crazy coming from a woman who actually has a university degree in PURPOSE! The trouble was, that I was smart and so I had intellectualised my learning! I could talk about it all day but I never went deep enough with its meaning for ME to make the radical shifts in my life that I so longed for. From that path, I have learned the hard way that you don’t always have to JUMP from your job to achieve fulfilment in life but you do need to do the inner work to understand WHY you feel like you want to jump. Once you know this you can make decisions from an informed place but the challenge is knowing how to do this as it probably won’t be found in standard leadership or training programs you have experienced so far.

My mission is to change how we design business by creating GENIUS Leaders who have the skills and courage to put the human experience is core and we create workspaces of belonging where people can feel safe, be vulnerable and courageously expand their innovation and creativity so everyone thrives and have no need to hide their feelings in the shadows.

This can feel like an overwhelming goal that is out of reach for many organisations who have not been designed from this space. They perceive it to be a complex problem that will require a long term solution with significant financial cost and therefore do not invest sufficiently to create the change .

The impact…

• Small teams of people (usually HR/OD aka ‘the old me’) being dis-satisfaction themselves and in no place to impact others
• Organisations feeling overwhelmed as they already face recruitment and costly turnover challenges with staff.
• Leadership programs and training not creating the desired Capital “T’ transformation and instead always feeling like it’s an uphill
• Staff wellbeing, engagement and satisfaction being challenging and impacting organisational outcomes.
• Workplaces not being places of belonging where diversity, equity and inclusion thrive as driving forces of creativity and innovation.

I created GENIUS Leadership® as a simple philosophy to impact these complex challenges.

With my specialism in purpose at its core, it brings new levels of self awareness and impact to leadership at all levels. Through my GENIUS Leadership® programs some leaders will make a decision to leave their organisation but they do so from an empowered and informed place so they can BE radical changemakers who transform the SME landscape for good and not just contribute to its
existing challenges. However….

So many more STAY and discover new heights of satisfaction ad success in their corporate roles and careers, allowing them to BE a powerful part of the transformation from within in new and impactful ways.

If you are a leader who:
1. Can feel the disruption in your teams and you want to understand how your organisation can support them better or
2. Has been thinking about jumping and is excited at the thought of having a better understanding of what you are feeling and how you can experience greater satisfaction and impact in your career or
3. Has already made the jump but are facing challenges you didn’t expect…

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