Well it’s hands up and own up time for me!

Posted in   Business learnings, Leadership   on  August 8, 2022 by  maryannsmith0

I was meant to send you out this newsletter on ENERGY 2 weeks ago and I didn’t. The irony is because I didn’t have the energy to do it! I am so blessed that Covid didn’t darken my doorstep for over 2 years and though the peak of the pandemic me and my family stayed well and safe.

If we ever did feel unwell we always tested with a lateral flow kit but it always turned out negative reassuring us that what we were experiencing was a good old fashioned cold.

So this time started no differently but the symptoms just got worse. It was 5 days before my husband Paul and I tested positive. By then we were both struggling to breath and had no energy to even shower!

What followed was a tough 10 days both physically and mentally.

There were many moments when we both wondered if we would ever get ‘back to normal’ with our minds wandering into states of worry about the future if things didn’t improve. What really gave us energy to get through it were our clients.Each day, emails and voicemails came in all with the same message….don’t WORRY about anything, take time out, get well, and we will all be here when you are ready! It made me realise just how much WORRY had crept in when I was physically low and it was impacting my energy in addition to having covid! Challenges can act as triggers that allow the gate of worry to open in our lives.

One of my favourite books is ‘How to Stop Worrying and Start Living’ by Dale Carnegie

He describes scientific evidence of the impact of worry on our health quoting  ‘Those who do not know how to fight worry die young but those who keep the peace of their inner selves in the midst of the turmult of the modern city are immune from nervous diseases’.

This book was first published in 1953 and quotes similar references further back in our history confirming that WORRY is not a modern day problem.

Understanding how to notice and respond to it is a priority so here are 3 simple questions I ask myself to shift my worry when it sneaks in:

  1. What is the worst that will happen?
  2. Accept mentally that the worst may happen.
  3. Get focused on improving the worst outcome.

Its pretty simple but really effective at getting me focused on actions that will keep moving me forward on a positive path regardless of the challenge….even covid!

I am so grateful to be back to work this week, still recovering but feeling ENERGISED as I catch up with all of my clients.

I have reviewed all 6 pillars of my GENIUS Leadership to revitalise my own self awareness and connection to my unique talents and created powerful intentions to nurture me more than I have ever done before.

Thank you to you all for your continued love and support!


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