Working long and hard hours in your business means you are doing something wrong!

Posted in   Corporate   on  August 8, 2022 by  maryannsmith0

I used to believe this in my early business career. I listened to all the online gurus telling me that I shouldn’t need to work hard or be thinking about my business every day when I was building it.

Reality check!
You will need to work hard and long hours to build a successful business! I make no apology so if this is bursting your bubble it’s get over it or get out time!  The truth is that success doesn’t happen without

Focus and
Hard work!

I still work hard and have days where I work long hours in my business depending on what is going on! Does that mean I am doing something wrong? Of course not!

I love what I do more and more each day. I’m filled with passion and joy because I get to support women globally so they can be wealthy, live incredible lives and build beautiful purpose driven businesses!

In the early days when I was busy, it was a problem because I spent too much time doing the wrong stuff. I believed what the gurus were telling me that it should be easy, and this made me doubt myself!

The game changer for me was getting to a place where I started to make conscious and intentional choices about how I used my time every day. That’s when I started focusing doing the most impactful things that only I could do!

At this point my profits, happiness and passion for my business went 10x!

I now think, talk, and share things about my business more than ever! It is literally tattooed in my blood. It is a vibrant and passionate reflection of the woman I am and it feels in complete alignment to the lifestyle I want to live.

This has been my choice, it is right for me, it is MY WAY!

It is a way that now allows me to work from anywhere in the world. Writing this as I sit looking out over the ocean in Tenerife certainly doesn’t feel like any version of ‘work’ I used to hold! I have said goodbye to chasing the work/life balance and hello to making informed choices about how I live my life!

In my Genius CEO program women are supported to connect deeply with their inner GENIUS and to craft a reality for their life and business that is 100% THEIR WAY!

My 8 Genius Evolution Portals guide you to get working quickly with focus, drive and determination on the right things, in the right way, for you!  They replace working hard and fast (exhausting!) to working smart with ease, alignment, and grace (I just know your body loves the sound of that!)You will quickly discover the confidence to stand proud and lead from your unique place of GENIUS every single day, really loving the work (even on the super busy days!) and living a beautiful life.

Deep connection is one of my core values so when you join Genius CEO we start working together right away! We kick off with a private 1:1 session where we deep dive into your business and what you want to create. Imagine this time next week having taken your first aligned steps to release you from what isn’t working in your life and business!

If you are ready to be working ‘ALL IN’ for the next 6 months with focus, passion, determination and drive to build your business and create a sustainable lifestyle where everything feels second nature drop me a private message.


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