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Posted in   Business learnings, Corporate   on  August 8, 2022 by  maryannsmith0

I want better work life balance!

How many times have you said or thought these words during your career yet it always seems to never be consistently within your reach.
You have the odd moments usually on the 2nd week of your annual holiday when you make resolutions that things will be different when you get back to work…but it never quite works out that way!
The reality is that balance may sound simple but like many of the best rewards in life, it isn’t easy.

So if you have been hard on yourself in the belief that you should be able to do this know that it is a complex problem that all of my coaching clients face when they start working with me.
Today I am going to try to bring some simplicity to this complex problem by sharing what I feel are the 3 key components to taking impactful steps towards balance once and for all

1.      Name your value!
Do you know what your personal values are? How do they compare or compete with your employers values? If someone asks you do your values roll off your tongue or are you left tongue tied? If you don’t know them you will not be leading and living your life by them. Instead, you will be making decisions in response to other peoples needs and wants….is it any wonder you aren’t feeling balanced with that going on?

2.      Master your time!
How are you choosing to use your most precious and finite asset….time? There is more to think about than just time at home and work. How much time do you want to be spending alone, with friends, working, contributing to a greater need, with your partner, doing hobbies, managing finances? An imbalance in any one of these areas will cause feelings of disruption and unfulfillment.

3.      Know your why
Are you clear about what you want to achieve in life and by when? Or are you taking each day as it comes and finding yourself continually stuck and frustrated? Achieving our best life isn’t always an easy journey and having a powerful connection to your personal purpose will keep you moving forward in a direction that is right for you especially when others are thinking differently!

Take an hour out of your day and write down your thoughts to these 3 questions. What you discover could be transformational and take you on a journey to a more balanced and fulfilled life

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