How do I do it? How do I fix it? How do I stop feeling like this?

Posted in   Corporate   on  August 8, 2022 by  maryannsmith0


I call this the ‘HOW POOL’. The kind of pool that you can easily drown in!

It can consume the lives of entrepreneurs! It’s a vacuum of abundant and distracting information and knowledge. There is always more to know, different views on the same subject, and plenty of free advice usually from people who are stuck in the ‘how pool’ too!

I remember when I started one of my first businesses my mentor at that time would say ‘knowledge is power’ and so I sucked up every course they threw at me.

18 months later and I was still stuck exactly where I had started! Trying to stay afloat without any armbands.

I was also really stressed and angry at myself for spending thousands on courses without any impact! that had zero impact whatsoever!

Over time I learned that knowledge is only POTENTIAL power. 

Imagine you are a bolder sitting on top of the mountain… it is only when you start taking CONSISTENT INTENTIONAL ACTION that you get the power to start rolling freely down the hill.

Once I started rolling, I was able to grow my coaching business to 6 figures in just 12 months.

I stopped following others! And I started to TRUST me!

I started prioritising developing myself in new ways to finally release the spectacularly unique and incredible woman inside who could lead her own life and business.

Sounds simple right?

Well, like most simple things it wasn’t easy. It was a long, and frustrating journey as I was still the main person working in my business and I had bills to pay! When times felt tough, I would find myself slipping into old beliefs again and I’d find that prioritising my development was a luxury I couldn’t afford.

I did occasionally get support for individual challenges like money mindset but that alone didn’t have the massive impact I needed.  If I am being honest, I just wanted an easy answer to it all.

I searched without success for support that was tailored for me as a woman, support that would allow me to work in my business, make money, develop me as a leader and align it all so I wasn’t overwhelmed, but nothing seemed to fit!

Does this resonate with you?

Fast forward to now today and my Genius CEO™ program.

I used my experience over those years to fill the gaps I had discovered.

I created Genius CEO™ for determined and ambitious women like you who have made the BOLD realisation that you are ready for multiple five figures months (like yesterday) and you’re feeling impatient to be the woman in business you have dreamed of being!

The Genius CEO™ program will guide you to success through 8 simple Genius Evolution Portals.

The MOST valuable part of this program is that you’ll have a simple repeatable system to keep developing YOU and scaling your business month after month. The “use value” of this program is worth $100K++ when you stay focused and don’t go chasing other strategies.


You’ll also have my 1:1 support while you’re going through the GENIUS portals (I call this my “GENIUS! work “)


This is an investment in you and your business, but you can expect to make it back quickly with a few new clients (and you’ll have the process to keep repeating that!)


Interested? If you’re ready to find out more and work with me – just drop me a DM over on Facebook and let’s start talking.


P.S. My current pricing is only available for a few qualified people until 14th February  ❤️  and I’ve had quite a few inquiries and enrolments already. It’s normally multiple five figures to work with me 1:1 so this is a rare opportunity. You’ll have the tools and support you need to take action and make your investment back in our 6 months together.


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