I can save you 10 hours this week!

Posted in   Leadership   on  January 26, 2017 by  maryannsmith0

I can save you 10 hours this week!

  • I need more time
  • I’m overwhelmed – there’s too much to do, too little time!
  • Is that the time??? NO!!!

Ever find yourself saying all of the above? Sometimes all in the same day?


Maybe people are telling you that you need to time block your diary. And you try it but then you find yourself feeling time-poor again just 2 weeks later. And the stress, anxiety, low productivity, strained relationships and bucket loads of procrastination are back in full force?

I get it, I’ve been there!! 

When I look back on my business career, I really didn’t value time at all. In fact, I wasted it left, right and centre. I didn’t realise back then that it was my most precious and finite asset and that learning how to value and manage it needed to be at the top of my priority list!

Over time though, I came to realise that the reason time blocking wasn’t the magic solution was because this was a complex problem that actually required a more sophisticated solution. Doing the same ineffective things over and over again wasn’t the answer!

I had to stop looking outward for a quick fix, magic strategy and instead look inwards!

When I looked inward, I realised I had a toxic relationship with time that went all the way back to my childhood.

👉 I had beliefs that I would never be enough no matter how much time I had, so of course, I didn’t value time…what was the point right?

👉 I had to be productive (busy) all the time to be worthy of love and success.

👉 If I commit time to do anything, I need to get it right! That belief kept me trapped procrastinating because I was afraid that I would get things wrong if I took time to try.

No wonder blocking time in my diary NEVER worked!

I also stopped trying to find more time to get more done and started using my time to get the right things done. I was amazed at just how much responsibility I had been carrying with me every day that I needed to let go!

I began to feel focused, clear, energised and time-rich even on my busiest days!

Creating an abundant relationship with time has been such a game changer that I created a whole module on it in my Genius CEO program. There you get to the root of why things aren’t working, and you learn how to finally take control of your time for the rest of your business life.

➡️ Get to know the key shifts you need to make to finally take control of your time long term!

➡️ The non-negotiable you need to have in place to stay calm, focused and productive even on your busiest days.

➡️ How to say no to stress and anxiety and feel passionate and motivated consistently.

➡️ Feel great not getting everything done because you know where to focus your time and attention to get the big results and what to let go!

➡️ How to get super focused without constant distraction.

➡️ How I manage my time in my businesses, so I stay energised, productive and creative.

My clients have experienced claiming at least 10 hours a week back from their
working day, releasing time to start writing books, spending more time with family, meditating, journaling, starting new studies and hobbies.

Are you interested in claiming back at least 10 hours of your week?

Just send me a quick reply and tell me that you’re interested in the Genius CEO Programme. I’ll ask you a few quick questions to see if you’re a good fit to get the best results.

If yes, I’ll invite you in and we can get started immediately by scheduling our first 1:1 call together.

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